Friday, February 26, 2010

Mackie & Joanne

After nine years of being together, my good friends Mackie and Joanne made it to the altar last February 20, 2010. The church was well attended. The reception was overflowing with booze. The program was filled with laughter and tears and the karaoke band was such a hit!

Here are some beautiful photos from their pre-nup taken by Oly of Metrophoto.

Monday, February 1, 2010

One Out of Five

It's always nice to able able to coordinate the wedding of someone you are close to. My friend Jasmine got married last Jan 29 in Magallanes Church and had a reception Le Souffle in Rockwell Club. I was her event coordinator and reader thus I had no choice but to wear a long gown while doing my job. After this, I told myself not to do this again. It was hard to run around in long gown moreso in heels.

I have always liked small, intimate gatherings. We had 94 confirmed adult guests and 10 kids. They were placed on the second floor where they were kept busy by the coloring books, crayons and other knick knacks. It was a reunion of old Citibank friends who now hold key positions in various banks in the Metro.

The venue was decorated beautifully by Jing Tanada of Palamuti, the tiffany colored cake by penk ching, gowns by raymund saul, photos by Dino Lara and music by Bernie Pasamba.

Now that Jasmine is married, there's 4 of us left in our small group still looking for Mr. Right to come along.

Best Wishes to you Pogs and Jasmine!