Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Stormy Wedding- Sept 26

We had a wedding last Sept 26, right smack during the fury of typhoon Ondoy. Relatives and friends were either stuck in traffic or their houses due to heavy floods. To top it off, our priest backed out since he is coming from Ateneo and our mass is in Shrine of Jesus, all the way in Pasay....what a nightmare for the couple and their family!

What do we do in a situation like this? One, have the priest picked up. Two, look for a judge or a mayor who can just do a civil ceremony and three, ask a priest to officiate the blessing of the couple in the same venue as the reception and just get married later on in church.

Luckily, Fr. Larry Tan was just in Allied Bank bldg. along Ayala conducting a seminar. We were able to pull him out of his seminar just to officiate the blessing of the couple. Thank God!

We pushed thru with the mass and the reception. Bride and groom were so "cool" about the whole situation. The stress they felt in deciding whether to push through or not with the wedding never showed in the pictures. Just a happy bride and groom.

It may be a stormy wedding but as Fr. Larry puts it....due to this experience, both of you can now weather any storm that will come your way.

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