Sunday, October 11, 2009

Come Hell or High Water

I got a tex last Oct 1 that says, super typhoon signal number 4 to hit Metro Manila on Oct 3, sat. Panic got into me since we have an event that day all the way in Balayan, Batangas! Good thing we had ever reliable suppliers who were all there a day before as planned. Rachy Cuna for event usual, his styling was very creative, Beatbox for the tent, Rene Gabriel for sound and lights and La Tasca for catering. Thanks to Patrick Uy who decided to come in a day before to make sure he's there on the day of the event.

Spirits were high in hoping that the storm will not hit us on the day. Plan B was in effect, guests to be dropped off exactly at the venue entrance ( no need for golf carts), registration, cocktails, strings and band moved inside the tent. Trina, our bride made sure she placed a glass of water under the table (her version of the rain dance) and prayed over it. It worked!

The sky was gloomy, dark clouds were upon us but not a single drop of rain. To top it off, the church was well attended, the reception area was packed with people who matter the most to our couple.

Congratulations, Paolo and Trina!

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  1. By seeing the arrangements in picture I guess you are the real event specialists.Thumbs up guys!!